Do dogs need to be leashed when walking?

Dogs need to be on a leash when walking through the neighborhoods.  There are doggy bags available to use at the north and south ends of WCR 13.

ANIMAL CONTROL – If you have any animal problems please call Johnstown Police.
All dogs picked up by the Johnstown Police Department are taken directly to the Larimer Humane Society.  To claim your animal, please call (970) 226-3647.6317 Kyle Avenue, Fort Collins, CO.Website:  www.larimerhumane.org

• THE Johnstown Police Department is NOT a surrender site for stray or unwanted animals.
• If the Larimer Humane Society does not have your dog, you may also want to contact the Humane Society of Weld County by calling (970) 506-9550 or going to their websiteweldcountyhumane.org
• Johnstown does not have a cat ordinance.  The police department will not impound cats, unless a bite has occurred or the cat has an obvious disease
• To report an excessive barking dog or a dog/cat in danger of exposure to the elements, or animal abuse please contact Johnstown Police. 

Can we park Large vehicles within the neighborhood?
Trailers, motor homes, boats, etc. are not to be parked in the subdivision for more than 3 days except (a) from the Thursday prior to Memorial Day through the Tuesday after Labor Day, (b) within enclosed garages, or within fully screened, fenced areas (for which the vehicle, boat or camper in question shall not exceed the height of the fence), as approved by the Architectural Control Committee.  If they are parked on the street, they must be attached to a truck/car/SUV.  If they are parked on the street for longer than 24 hours, they are in violation of Johnstown’s town ordinance.

Trash Cans
Trash cans are to be in the garage or behind an enclosure.  Do not leave them out on the street or next to your garage doors.

If you are planning on installing a shed, fence, painting your house* and/or landscaping your property, you need to submit a “Request for Architectural Control Committee Approval” form to the Park Avenue Realty Company LLC.  The application will be put on the agenda for the Board of Directors next meeting for review and approval.  You can find the AAC application on this website under Resources.

It is acceptable to have a in your backyard but a request showing where the clothesline will be installed needs to be submitted to the Board of Directors to be approved.

Vacant Lots
No dumping of any material, trash, debris, etc. on vacant lots

What is the speed limit in Clearview?
The speed limit is 25 MPH (Please inform your friends of that also) in Clearview Subdivision

Can we have unlicensed vehicles on our property
All vehicles MUST BE REGISTERED, LICENSED and OPERABLE.  It is a violation of the covenants to park vehicles in your driveway or adjacent to your driveway without current license plates and the vehicles being operable.

Who is responsible for snow removal on sidewalks?
The residents of the homes are responsible for clearing the sidewalks in front of your home.  This must be done within 24 hours after the snowfall.  If you live on a corner lot, you are also responsible for the the sidewalk along the side of your house. 

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